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About Us

Our story

Although UAB “Remanas” is new established company, established in year 2016. The personnel have over 20 years’ experience in field of repair and installation of energetic equipment.

We provide our services in field of mechanical repair and erection of energy equipment in power plants, industrial companies, and oil refineries.

We offer next services

  • Boilers and auxiliaries.
  • Pipelines (carbon and stainless steel)
  • Turbine works
  • Generator works

Boilers and auxiliaries

– Erection of boilers water heating and steam boilers,

– Inspection and repair of boilers,

– Manufacturing and erection of boiler parts (headers, wall tubes, economizers, heat exchangers, air preheaters), flue gas ducts, steel constructions.

Pipelines (carbon and stainless steel)

– Pre-assembly of pipelines in workshop,

– Erection of pipelines on sites.

Turbine works

– Inspection and repair of steam and hydro turbines and auxiliaries,

– Installation of steam turbines.

Generator works

– Inspection and repair of generators.